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Thank you for your interest in opening a wholesale account with us. Here at Nicotine River we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products and practices the industry has to offer. We look forward to providing you with our unmatched service!

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Highest Quality Materials & Processes

Since 2014, Nicotine River has led by example in all areas including: customer satisfaction, quality, manufacturing, and distributing of nicotine products and more. With all nicotine batches being tested by our in-house GCMS and HPLC machines, you can put your mind at ease. Experience product efficacy like never before, backed by industry leading professionals and reliable practices.

Transparent Product Data

Product documentation can be difficult to find. Which we find, ridiculous. For any company, it's important to be confident in what you're providing to your customers. We make this easy by proactively emailing your account COA's right after an order is placed, as well as having a publicly available product documentation link on the footer of our website.