PurNic Synthetic Nicotine 250mg/ml


PurNic Synthetic is 100% S-Nicotine, and contains no tobacco derivatives whatsoever. While PurNic Synthetic not only meets and exceeds industry standards of product specifications, PurNic Synthetic also provides a clean taste and experience. PurNic Synthetic is the ideal alternative when transitioning from traditional tobacco nicotine. It's important to know the differences between the two nicotine isomers. 

  • S-Isomer: The initial strength of the nicotine and its effects after consumption.
  • R-Isomer: The duration of the nicotine and its effects after consumption.

Traditional tobacco nicotine is generally 90% S-Isomer and 10% R-Isomer, making PurNic Synthetic the closest and most effective alternative to the industry standard your customers know and love. Enjoy high quality, pure synthetic S-Nicotine today at an incredibly affordable price.